July 19

FC City A 1 – 0 Whitehorse United SC

A big game for the City side, coming up against division leaders Whitehorse. Coming in undermanned, Citylife played a modified lineup all through the pitch, notably Andy playing as sweeper and Mr Hale ousted from his comfortable left wing position to the centre of the pitch. To fill the gaps, Timmy Tan came up for his debut performance in the 1s; along with Benny Foo, Merman-Ash and the familiar face of Jo ‘sold his dad’s car to fund Brazil trip’ U.

From the kick-off City controlled play, passing well with the new formation. All across the back line, up the wings and through the center of the pitch – City moved the ball with purpose. An admittedly weakened Whitehorse side missing many of their regular 1s players, just couldn’t keep up with City’s movement.

City created numerous chances, but a goal would finally come from an intercept by Tim Tan on the left wing. Moving the ball up the pitch, he made a short pass to Ayal who released it forward to the waiting feet of Luke ‘poo poo’ Poon. Fumbling the ball past a Whitehorse defender, Pooney regained composure – lining himself up with the goal from the left side winding up the harpoon and shooting it past the keeper across the goal into the net. 1-0 City.

More opportunities were presented as City applied themselves to winning 50-50 balls whilst avoiding wild slide tackles. Chances came for Timmy Tan on the left as well as a couple volleys from Reuben making good contact despite being under pressure – but nothing could find the back of the net. A free kick from Ayal had the sideline on their feet as it hit the top corner of the crossbar to deflect out.

Defensively City were more composed than ever. Andy making crucial tackles putting his body on the line which no doubt impressed his new wag. Shez and Chrissy continued to support the back line making options and creating passing avenues from the back moving all the way up the field.

Into the second half, Pooney was in all the right places at all the right times. The flagging Whitehorse team couldn’t keep up with his blistering pace and he consistently intercepted the ball and found himself 1 on 1 with the keeper. However, even when faced with open goals, the Poondog decided to keep things interesting for the City side putting the ball narrowly past the far post multiple times. Jo U sluggish from his half year sabbatical trekking around the world struggled to push past the determined Whitehorse defense. There were glimpses of the skills that have always ensured his title of Golden Boot, however today was not to be his day and struggled to get a shot off.

In what felt like one of the longest halves in Citylife history, desperate defending and goal line clearances saw City hold on and take the game 1-0.

Congratulations to the 1s team for the amazing performance, composure on the ball and teamwork.

Goals: Luke Poon

Assists: Ayal

FC City B 0 – 1 Croydon Rangers B

FC City Legends 20 – 1 Yarra Valley B

Goals: Tim C x3, Luke x3, Alvin x2, Kai x2, Bean x2, Huy x2, Dave C x2, Adam, Phil, Ben K, Brian

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